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About Us

Boomerangs Are Back!

Roundtrip Boomerangs are designed and hand-crafted in central Ohio by five-time world champion, Gregg Snouffer. 

I started throwing boomerangs as a kid with my older brothers. Our grandfather helped us build our first boomerangs in his garage workshop. I was fascinated with flight and aerodynamics, and spent my childhood building kites, gliders, hot air balloons and anything else that flew!

When in high school, our family vacation included a stop in Washington DC where the Smithsonian Institute was hosting their annual boomerang fling. We met the organizers of the modern sport and got swept up in the early years of the U.S. Boomerang Team. I competed with the team from 1986 – 2006, winning several National and World Championships. In 2008 I became the head coach of the U.S. Team and in 2010, led the Americans to their first world championship in eight years in Rome. I also helped coach the Japanese and Brazilian teams and several individual throwers. I learned circular breathing on the didgeridoo from an Aboriginal while on a walk-about in Australia! My son, Kian was also the junior national champ.