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28 Jul

Summer Wrap Up

Just finished teaching 500 scouts how to throw boomerangs at Camp Berry in Findlay Ohio and now, even though it's still summer, the elves and I are getting ready for the big Christmas season coming up! We are building boomerangs and working on new packaging for gift shows all along the eastern seaboard this fall! Remember, kids LOVE boomerangs, just like I did when I was a kid! And not only do they get the kids and dads (and moms) outside and active, but they also stimulate curiosity in science and aerodynamics ("How do they DO that??") AND they help to teach and reinforce the fundamentals of the overhand throw. So, whether your kid is going to win a science fair ribbon for explaining and demonstrating advanced aerodynamics with an indoor boomerang, or working on his or her overhand throw for baseball, softball or football, a boomerang is a GREAT gift idea. And a REAL returning boomerang, handmade by the coach of the United States Boomerang Team is the best boomerang you can get!

Many happy returns!